Flavia Tabarrini

Flavia Tabarrini was born in Milan and danced in Italy with the Sutherland Dance Group. She completed her studies at the Hochschule für Musik in Frankfurt am Main.

Flavia danced at the Städtischen Bühnen Nürnberg for 5 seasons, she was then invited to join Ballett Freiburg Pretty Ugly where she created many works with the director Amanda Miller, after a period of freelance work she then moved to
Cologne to perform with pretty ugly tanz köln.

She has worked with amongst others David Bingham, Jenny Coogan, Jean Renshaw, David Sutherland, Allison Brown, Katy Duck, William Forsythe, Polly Motley, Paul Selwin Norton, Michael Schumacher, Alessio Silvestrin ,Hideto Heshiki, Martin Sonderkamp, Allison Brown, Prue Lang, Movingtheatre, Thomas Zamolo and Georg Reischl.
In October 2007 her Choreography "Ratten Fangen" (Catch the rats!) celebrated it's premiere in Leverkussen. The successful childrens ballet was also performed in the Schauspielhaus Köln and was created in coproduction with Kultur Stadt Leverkusen.